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Gerson Da Cunha with Meher Marfatia at the Kala Ghoda Festival




making the little stories

of mumbai matter


Anybody whose Sundays have been lit up by Meher Marfatia’s Once Upon A City columns in Midday, should be thrilled with this compilation that brings them together in an expanded form. One always felt that the columns, densely packed with detail, were straining to overcome the word limit. In this book, Meher breathes easy, using her natural warmth and storytelling skills to evoke for us throbbing, full-blooded portraits of the city’s fascinating places and people.

Mumbai is a melting pot of people, the city of opportunity, which produced many of the best in every profession and enriched the lives of all those who live in it, and who pass by it. Very systematically, Meher Marfatia has painstakingly researched on the city's histories and legacies, and we are left with nostalgia. We always seek for the comfort of selective memories, and I am confident that this beautiful publication has done the same for the present as well as the future generations.

After reading Parsi Bol it was shocking to realise that nobody had thought of doing this before. It's as scary as losing the recipe for dhansak and lagan noo custar - we would have lost forever what is unique to us - our humour, our wisdom and our heritage. Thank you Sooni, Meher and the 260 contributors for this timely restoration.

Boman Irani

Pheroza Godrej

Shanta Gokhale

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